Because They Can
Laurie Innes

Because They Can is open at the following times:
The window projections will be viewed from outside between 4.30pm - 10pm.

Wednesday and Thursday 23 and 24 November:
exhibition open between 5.30pm - 7pm
The window projections until 10pm viewed from outside (gallery closed).

Opening night Friday 25 November 6-8.30pm
Sat open 4.30-6.30. The window projections until 10pm
Sun open 4.30-5.30. The window projections until 9pm

Laurie Innes will exhibit for the second time at MOCA London with his new light and shadow installation Because They Can. Drawing on techniques from shadow puppetry, he creates enticing installations filled with lustrous textures.

Because They Can will see the windows of the MOCA London lit up from late afternoon until the late evening with shining images and alluring shapes and forms. As you walk past the gallery on Bellenden road the translucent grotto inside the space will cast shadows and patterns across the windows of MOCA London. If they tempt you, then come inside to see a glowing installation of sculptures and paintings.

Because They Can focuses on religious architecture and the nature of information. This installation continues his exploration of religious spaces, namely whether they should be considered as distinct from other human spaces? If not, then how should we try to think about such spaces? How should we try to think about information? As the viewer interacts with the interplay of lights, shadows and abstracted patterns they become submerged in the architectural structure.

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