MOCA’s mission statement is to be committed to bringing the public the most exciting contemporary art in London. That’s why we have tried to make this web site as accessible as possible. If you see space for improvement, or just want to share how you’ve experienced this web site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Accessibility guidelines

We follow the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) guidelines to Priority 2. For more information visit the WAI web site.

Accesskeys and Keyboard Use

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Unfortunately you can only use access keys on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 and above, and Netscape 6 and above (including Firefox and Mozilla). With Windows-based systems you will need to press the Alt key and then access key number or letter. With Macintosh based systems you need to press the Ctrl and the access key number or letter.

Changing the text size

The MOCA web site uses relative text sizes and page dimensions so you can scale the entire page.

To change the text size in Microsoft IE, Firefox or Netscape Navigator

Select Text Size from the View menu. Choose the size that you want from the Text Size menu.

To change the text size in Opera

Select Zoom from the View menu. Choose the size that you want zoom the page to.

Finding your way around

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find your way around the site. On every page you have path showing where you are in the site hierarchy, you can click on the links to go back to the homepage or one level up.

The navigation works without any scripts.

We don’t open any new windows unless we tell you so. If you want to lock at something in a new window, use right click (or the context menu button on your keyboard) and select Open in new window (the actual command may vary on different browsers).

A sitemap provides you with a list of all pages.