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Current project

Friday October 11, 2013
Performance at MOCA London, 8pm, FREE

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How will we impress the world?
What will be the thing that makes us unique?
What will the future be ordering from us alone?
Is it technology or democracy?
Is it corruption or inclusion?
Is it overweight or medicine against the light?
Lunar rovers or leftovers,
heroic fakes or Sacher cakes,
Military courses or cheap natural resources,
Cultural goods or fancy foods?

In cooperation with Marseille-Provence 2013 - European Capital of Culture - an expansive network of world premieres will explore our future potential: a competition of visions of cities from different nations: futuro- artistic inventions, composed, staged, presented.

The visions can, in the broadest sense or non-sense, be considered visual concerts or manifestations of miniature music theatre. They are not - as suggested by the title "contest" - created by various competing groups but rather they originate from one source. Therefore there is no limit to the degree in which they can outdo each other's phantasms as each vision will arise knowing the other visions. The visions will receive their world premieres in their respective locations and "compete" at a final video presentation in Marseille. A show-down in the truest sense of the word.

The London vision is very simple and very effective to solve London's public transport problems at once: many very high carousel-pillars will be planted into the city. The higher the carousels are the less are needed. Cabines with passengers will swing around the pillars and touch from time to time each other. This is the moment for the passengers to change from carousel to carousel and to move forward wherever they have to go to in the city. Transport with fun! ... that's just the idea/vision. The London vision will be presented by a team of 4 using words, music, video, and objects and will be filmed and presented at the final at Marseilles Instants Video Festival in November.

Rochus Aust - trumpet
Fosco Perinti - voice
Florian Zwissler - synthesizer
Markus Aust - melodika

Further Information
Museum of Contemporary Art, London
113 Bellenden Road
London SE15 4QY

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